Instapaper Notes/Highlights

Is it possible to pull or index Instapaper articles with my highlights and notes?

I’ve been doing it with individual articles in Instapaper, but I suspect that is not what you are looking for.

That would work great for me.

Easy peasy then! On the iPhone or iPad, scroll down to the bottom of the article, look for an icon that says “Share all Notes.” Tap that to call up the share sheet, and share normally to DevonThink. You get a choice of plain text, HTML, or Markdown. I like to do markdown.

This only works on the iPad and iPhone. However, if I’m reading on the Mac, it’s easy enough to get out my iPhone — which is always in my pocket or on my desk — and share an article from there.

I’ve been using DevonThink since 2018 and Instapaper for 10+ years and I only recently learned this trick!

Thank you. This is working great. One quick follow-up, do you typically link the article and notes together in DT?


I don’t save the whole article, just the highlights and notes, which include a link to the original article.

If I did want to save the whole article, I would probably create a group of two documents, one with the original article, the other with my notes and annotations.

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Thanks for the suggestion.