Instapaper to DT


I have been using Instapaper on iOS and would like to export articles from Instapaper to DT.
I found a script here that does the reverse. But is there any way to get the unread articles INTO DT.

The purpose is archieving of READ articles. they get send to Instapaper from the respective iOS reading apps ADTER reading and have to be archieved. Thanks.

The best way to do this is to subscribe in DEVONthink to the RSS feed of your Instapaper account. It works very well.

ok, but it looks as if that just imports the links, not the actual offline articles :question: :question:

Perhaps I’m not understanding the question, but I’m not aware of any app on the Mac that can access Instapaper articles without going online to retrieve them.

I get the article link into DT.
when clicking on it, the article is loaded into the viewer in DT
it is the original article, not the Instapaper version.

what I would like to do is:

-getting the instapaper version

-saving article content into DT

at least I want the content saved, not just the link, it is for reference and oftentimes the links do not work anymore after some time.
is there a script I could somehow link to that rss import which makes that the content is saved?

I think you might need to look at this from the Instapaper end. If Instapaper’s own RSS feed only contains the link to the original, there’s not much DT can do. Even when you browse Instapaper’s own “editor’s picks” directly on their site, the links go back to the original source.

For Instapaper to serve modified versions of other people’s content would potentially expose them to huge copyright liability. I suspect the only way they’re able to operate is by stripping articles one at a time, in response to specific user requests.


Is there a way DT can import the content of the article and save it, not just the link? A script? If so, how can one attach that in a correct way to the rss import?

Having a hard time setting up rss in DT…

I’ve posted the script that I use here.

You can also try this script to skip the rss downloading, instead you capture a web page from your Instapaper account and then run this script… Go to this page:

With the latest version of DT Pro Office, I am unable to see the RSS feed for a specific folder of Instapaper. In DT, the number of articles is 0!

Any clues?