Integrated multimedia files

Will it be possible in the next version to organize and view/play multimedia files? I need to organize and annotate a lot of WAV files.

I have not looked at WAV files, but I can store RM (RealPlayer) files in DEVONthink Pro. when I click on the entries, an external viewer opens just as if the file were on the desktop.

I have written a script which rewrites the entry to add an HTML page that embeds the RM file. When it is run on an entry, selecting the entry causes the viewer to appear in the NotePad window, which I like a little better.

I think the script can be modified for any file type that you can embed in a web page. For example, I have a version for the less well known DJVU file type.

I am not an AppleScript wizard, but I plan to post the script when DEVONthink Pro is released.