Integrating CoverFlow with other views

I often use Columns view along with CoverFlow. I really like CoverFlow as it allows me to scroll through a large number of items quickly, recognizing each one because of the large icons.

The problems start when I actually want to do something with an item that I find in CoverFlow. I can double-click the item to open it, which is good, but right-clicking on the item doesn’t bring up a menu. And because the column view doesn’t change to reflect where I am in CoverFlow, I have to search for the item again if I want to find it in column view to bring up the menu.

Is there any way that CoverFlow could be made more functional, or more integrated with other views?

The next release will include a contextual menu. In the meantime you could use the main menu, the action menu, the toolbar or the Info panel.

Thanks. I’m so used to using the contextual menu that I’d actually forgotten all about the Action menu.