Integrating OmniOutliner into DevonThink

I’ve been using OmniOutliner for a while to organize my thoughts and handle huge task lists etc.
Now I definitely would like to put all those lists where they belong: into DevonThink. Problem is, right now I can only place a link, therefore cannot search for content.
However OmniOutliner allows to save as XML and shouldn’t DevonThink be able to handle XML?

XML is a meta-language (a language to describe documents) and therefore application A is not automatically able to import what application B exported. But OPML import will come in version 1.8.

what is this ‘opml’?

I’m using Omni Outliner all day - and it would very nice to have these documents in a direct access - althought, I have to use ‘linking’ because of different type of files/data and this is allright for me

It’s an XML document type - see

And for an interesting implementation of opml, download the latest beta version of NetNewsWire

Select Window>Show Notepad. I don’t have a need for an outlining application but the topic interests me.