Integration with address book?

OK, just started using the demo. I’ve created a DB and created a “group” folder for my business. First thing I’d like to do is bring my employees into the db. So I tried dragging a “VCARD” from Apple’s address book into the group folder. I get the little green plus sign indicating that it will go, but then just a little “donk” sound and no dice. What am I doing wrong? This seems like basic functionality.

Vcard support is not yet implemented. But you can easily import one or more persons/groups via File > Import > Addressbook…

OK, I’ve done several imports to get contacts into my DB now. Is there any way to combine them into one “Addresses Group”? I know I can group them, but that just creates a sub folder with all the separate imports.

You could for example switch to three-pane view, select the addresses in the upper right pane and drag them to another sheet. Or select all persons via File > Import > Addressbook… and import them to one sheet.

I’ve been reading this thread but see nothing that relates specifically to my problem. I’m a new DT Professional user. I want to import my addressbook. I went to File->Import->Addressbook and the dialogue box comes up. I select the fields I want to import and then when I click the button to do it, it looks as though nothing is happening and I can’t find the imported addressbook anywhere.

I guess I’m doing something wrong, and I’m hoping someone can give me some hints.


You have to select one or more persons or groups (“All” is no real group and the default address book handling of Mac OS X treats this as no selection).

Thanks Cristian. I’ve just come back to the forum to post that I figured out that All isn’t the same as selecting the addresses :slight_smile:. Really rapid response, though, and I appreciate it.