Integration with Box

Had anyone else had issues with setting up sync service on I tried to get it working with Devonthink pro and DVTG. The upload was fine. But neither Devonthink pro (on 2nd computer) or DVTG would pull down any info from the sync store. When I switched to Dropbox I had no difficulties.

Did you use the same sync store name and encryption keys on all computers? Or did DEVONthink log any errors?

Sync store and database names were the same on all devices. I did not use any encryption keys. Devon think did not any errors. Devonthink attempted to contact Box - the wheel would spin and then nothing.

Were you able to open the website in a browser? Sometimes requires captchas (although their website claims that their not limiting or throttling WebDAV access).

I was able to open in a browser. The sync store was present. The only wrinkle was the first time I tried to create the sync store there were two copies. One from the mac (with all files)and one from the iOS version. I erased everything and stared again. On my last try, I saw that there was one sync store that appeared to be of sufficient size, but no syncing occurred.

What’s reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?