Integration with Spark email iPadOS?

Follow up to this thread Spark integration with DTP

Spark does seem now to allow drag and drop. I have the Spark email client opened in one half of split screen and DTTG in the other half. I can drag the email out of Spark but not drop it into DTTG to be recognized.

The drag and drop option works with the Apple mail client.

Can this limitation be resolved?


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This would be something for Readdle to address. We don’t control what Spark is doing (in macOS or iOS).

I will follow up with them. Perhaps someone at their end needs to dig a bit further on what the clipboard must contain that it does not contain.


Any documentation about what they’re putting into the drag would be very helpful so we could add a change also from our side if necessary.

As a workaround I use the print dialog and Save PDF to DevonThink 3.
I will also ask Readdle. More request, quicker the will add the feature.