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Question to developers: assuming the Universal Binary thing really is just a checkbox in Xcode, will DT still be supplied for use with PowerPCs into the foreseeable future? See, I reckon my fairly new computer has another 4 or so years to use, and I’d hate to be stuck with old versions of DT after a year or so.



Building universal binaries requires more than just activating a checkbox in Xcode (Steve’s claim is probably only true for very simple applications), this will need some more work but universal binaries should be available later this month.

Anyway, we’ll support PowerPC for the next years to come of course (as there will be more PowerPC than Intel owners for a long time).

Thanks, Christian!


Nice to hear :smiley:

I will be installing DTP and transfering my database to a MacBookPro this weekend. Any issues with DTP under Rossetta? I know any speed issues will be resolved w/ Universal Binary due out soon but want to make sure nothing is corrupted in the DB. Thanks for any feedback… assurances or warnings.


You will see an increase in launch time for your database, and Rosetta will require more RAM than the same database would require on a PowerPC computer. Otherwise, DT Pro operations should run OK. The need for more memory under Rosetta may well slow down some operations.

As Christian has noted, the next revision of DT Pro, coming in a few weeks, will be a Universal version that will run natively with either the Intel or PowerPC CPU.

Will the Universal version be a free upgrade to existing owners? Not sure if the versioning pricing policies.

The next updates of DEVONthink Pro/Personal and DEVONnote will be free but there will be only a universal binary of DEVONagent 2.0, none for v1.7.

Sorry I’m confused cgrunenberg. Does that mean the next update for DT will be Universal, but DA won’t be until 2.0, or that then next update of DT won’t be Universal until 2.0 also?

He said:

DT Pro 1.1 (coming in a few weeks) will be Universal.

DevonAgent 2.0 will be Universal.

DT Pro 1.0.2, and DA 1.7, will never have universal versions.

Clear enough?

I received a new MacBookPro and DTP runs very well in its current form. Used the “Migration” utility and transfer to the MacBookPro could not have been easier. Everything transfered (including applications, preferances and settings). One suggestion- use the same account name on the new as the old.

What’s new about the UB version of DT Pro ? A date ?

DT Pro 1.1 will be available at the same time as DA 2.0 (probably at the end of March or beginning of April).

The Universal Binaries of DEVONagent, DEVONthink, PhotoStickies and all freeware applications are running fine over here - if anyone is interested in testing the Intel versions, just let me know!

BTW: The performance of DT Pro on a Core Duo is up to twice as high as on a Dual-G5 running at the same clockspeed (probably due to the much larger L2 cache and as the GCC compiler produces better code for Intel processors). So everybody upgrading from a PowerBook G4 to a MacBook Pro should be really satisfied with the performance :wink:

I have a MacBookPro using current version of DTP, Agent, EasyFind, HotService and would love to test the Intel versions… where do I sign up? -Bob

Just send me an email (


I have a Macbook Pro running Devonthink Personal 1.9.6 (I think). I migrated it from a 12 inch g4 powerbook, and it no longer launches reliably (fails every other time). I would love to beta test the Universal binary version of Devonthink Personal. Please send me an email stating how I might get a copy (


David Mussington/wintermute1


Please send your request for the Universal beta to cgrunenberg -at- Note: Replace " -a- " with “@” to correctly send the message to Christian.