Intelligent idexing?


I index entire folders of the Mac filesystem in DTPO. But in fact I only need the PDF, DOCX and XLSX files in DTPO, but particularly not all the TEX, AUX, GZ and LOG files which are produced by LaTeX.

Is there a way to index entire folders in DTPO but to hide files which match to given criteria?

Kind regards, Friedrich

I have an app that creates a .plist file for every corresponding document, and I index the entire folders into DEVONthink. I don’t want to see the .plist files, so to hide them I use a Hazel script attached to the indexed folders. This might work for you, assuming that you use/want to use Hazel.

Hazel script to hide .plist documents:

Does the script make invisible the files in the folder or only the referrences to these files in DTPO? Because: In the Finder I need to see these files.

Kind regards, Friedrich

It hides them completely, so that makes this suggestion unworkable for you. I don’t have any other suggestions at this time, but I’ll think about it further.

The script image is broken. Can it be fixed so I can see the script?