Interaction between DTPO and Safari - cookies, etc

I’ve been using DTPO for some years now. Recently I seem to be having problems capturing web pages from the New York Times site. When I use the DT Safari plug-in the page is captured but the resulting pdf shows that page as if I was not logged into the site. I am logged into that site in Safari. I do use ad blockers in Safari but this problem still occurs when I disable them.

This seems to occur only with the nytimes site.

Is anyone else having this problem? Any troubleshooting ideas?

A search on ‘nytimes’ on this site will turn up many threads where this problem is discussed. One thread in particular that may be helpful is linked here:

[url]Clip to DEVONthink + Instapaper]


Thanks for the link. My search of the forums did not turn up that posting. I’ll try turning off plug-ins but it does sound like nytimes has been and will continue to be a problem in DT.

A related problem: When I capture a page from Wired the pdf is missing most of the images.

If I print the page as a pdf the article ends up taking 27 pages, including all the images, but somehow using a massive font size (32 points or so).

Any ideas on this behavior?

Not really-capturing pages from some sites can be hit or miss. I just loaded the wired URL in Safari, changed the page to the Reader view, then saved the page to my DEVONthink Inbox using Safari’s Export as PDF option. The result was a nice looking, 11-page PDF.

Aah, yes, the reader view. I’ll give that a whirl. Thanks.