Interaction with Git?

Can I expect any ill effects if I index some .txt files (containing documentation) from a Git repository? Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn’t find anything on a simple search for ‘git.’

Shouldn’t be. Text is text. DT isn’t going to try to compile or execute code – it doesn’t even know it’s code.

Ah, to clarify: I wasn’t concerned with DT doing something strange with code, but rather what the effects on the DEVONthink database would be when I switch branches in my Git repo and thus in some cases change the files (this is unlikely to happen often with the text documentation files, but sometimes I do update the documentation with something as I modify code on an experimental branch).

In any case, I just played around with it a bit, and neither program seems to get confused. If I switch branches in Git and the file changes, DT updates it appropriately. If I edit the text in DT, Git appropriately sees that as a change that needs to be committed. Of course, if I rename the file in Git (using git mv, which means in Git terms that it’s still the same file with the same revision history) DT won’t see it anymore (‘File missing’), and I’ll have to reindex it, so that’s something I’ll have to be careful of, potentially. But it makes sense.