Interfacing DT with readers on Android

The idea is quite simple, but I don’t know how easily doable. I would like to be able to read and highlight some of my pdfs and epubs on Android and keep them synchronized on DT.

The scenario I came up with is as follows:

  • I replicate the indexed files I’m interested in in one DT group to another indexed group on Dropbox.
  • From Android I open the synchronized files on Dropbox, read and annotate them with a dedicated application (Moon Reader might be an idea, but I am open to any further advice).
  • Once I finish reading and annotating the book I can delete it from DT (since it is a replicated file) and the highlights should theoretically remain available and viewable on the master copy of the file still on DT. Correct?

I look forward to other assumptions and best practices. Thank you.

This seems too complicated
My understanding is you have a dropbox folder indexed in DT
Dropbox looks after the sync stuff and the files are available to your Android device
The files are also available in DT via the index action

Sure, but (since I don’t want to sync all my library) once I highlight and annotate the file I would then have to go and resubstitute the original file in DT, right?

I’d recommend that you index the Dropbox folder and then replicate items as needed to other folders in your DT database.

You would need to ensure that Dropbox is synced before working in DT to avoid versioning conflicts. However, worst case the automatic versioning in Dropbox should be sufficient to recover in case this ever goes wrong.

Dropbox will sync the annotated file back to your Mac
Since the folder is indexed, the annotated file is automatically available in DT

I’m reviving the thread because I found Moon+ Reader to be my mobile epub reader of choice, but I can’t seem to sync highlights with DEVONthink. Does anyone use it, succeeded or have any idea how to do it? It seems that the highlights don’t stay fixed to the file.