intermittent Mail plugin with DTPO 2pb1

I know this was an issue under DT 1.5.4 - I’m still only having intermittent success importing email messages from OS X Mail using the DTPO plugin.

I’m also using MailTags and Mail Act-on, so I don’t know if there’s an interaction there.

The problem: sometimes the import works and the messages show up in my Inbox, and sometimes the it does not, and the messages are not imported. If I quit DTPO, restart it, and try importing again, the import works.

Are there any fixes or workarounds (other than restarting the app?)

Any other mail plugins you didn’t mention? I use the two you did and have not experienced the problem you are. The one plugin that use to give me a lot of problems was Related Mail.

No, just those 2 plugins, mailtags and mail act-on. I wonder what be interfering.