Internal linking

Ok, this may already be possible or not. However, when clicking link or link to… how can I link to internal devonthink docs without having to use a url or change the alias of the name or even wiki

For example in a rtf doc if i want to reference here (with a link) without the full name or alias how would i do that. maybe a window like macjournal has for linking to internal posts??

Thanks for your help

Example: My RTF document contains a string “…more information about the author…” I want to make “author” a clickable link to another document in my database, “Aldous Huxley Bibliography Notes”.

How to: Select “author” then Control-click. Choose menu option Link To and navigate to the target document.

That does it.

ah, yes I understand that part, but does that mean I need to export all of my database to have those links.

What if I had the info about the author inside the database, and wanted it to link there, is there a way to say under Format>Link… when the box pops up instead of a url, use the name of a page of info already inside the database?

J :slight_smile:

No, the procedure I described does precisely what you want. It links from a text string in one document to another document, also in the DT database.

Don’t use Format > Llnk.

As noted, select some text, Control-click and choose the contextual menu option Link To. Navigate to the desired document in the database.

doh! completely forgot about the ctrl clicking!!

Thanks a ton!