Internal links, again

I am doing a major restructuring of a fairly large database and need to do something like this:

Create a new rich text document with the selected text, then replace the text with a link to the new document.

It has been stated in other topics that creating internal links is not “yet” scriptable (as of maybe June of 2006). Will it be available in the upcoming release? I do not want to install the beta at this time, out of concern that it could corrupt an extensive database.

If you can think of a different approach to my problem, please tell me about it -

My database is currently structured as a diary, with individual documents by date. Each document contains many different topics, making it very difficult to classify them, and thus difficult to search. Replicants would have unmeaningful titles (i.e., the date). Plus, if an item of interest is at the end of a long document, it is far too likely that a search will match something irrelevant near the beginning of the document, while the relevant portion is off the screen. That’s one reason why I want to break the documents up into one-topic chunks.

No, the upcoming release won’t support this.