Internal links are DEAD after importing a website

I’m trying to use DevonTHINK Pro Office (2.7.1) to import a website ( but at some level the internal links are DEAD even though the files were download and ARE present inside DT !

The exemple is this:
The downloaded site consists in 265 files.
I disconnect from Internet and open the root file:
Next, I’ll click a link in this page that directs me to another level that is also working in DT:
At this level, I click a link that is supposed to open a floating window at
BUT at this time the link inside DT doesn’t work IF I’m not connected to the Internet. The strangest thing is that the referred file ( IS actually present inside DT. I just can’t understand WHY DT doesn’t recognize that the file is inside my database !

Could someone help me to resolve this, please ?


Downloading a website complete with functioning links can be complicated by several factors. Have you read the section of Help on configuring and using the Download Manager? Since your posting does not discuss the settings you used, it is difficult to respond accurately to the problem. You mentioned “importing” the site but did not mention using the Download Manager, which is the correct method to use for downloading sites complete with functioning links.

Perhaps if you consulted that section of Help, confirmed your settings again, and attempted another download?

You are using DEVONthink Pro Office 2.7.1, which is not the current release – 2.7.3 as of now. That shouldn’t make a difference, but it’s helpful to be current on releases.

Thanks for your answer and sorry I haven’t used the correct words to describe my problem. I’ll try to be more specific this time!

I’ve updated DT to the latest version : 2.7.3
I’m using the function available in the File menu -> Import -> Website…
That opens the Download Manager pop-up where I enter the URL I want to download in the Address field and let the Referrer blank:
So, I get the Download Manager just like this:

Before starting the process, I choose the method in the Download Manager configuration button, and select Subdirectory (Complete).

Finally, I start the Download Manager that downloads the whole website directory and subdirectories.
So, after the importation process I disconnect from Internet and open a page inside DT, for example:
Inside that page there is a link to another page thru this image :
But when I click on that link, I get a message saying that the page is NOT available in DT.

Now, THE MOST STRANGE thing is that this file is available inside DT at

So, I hope this is more clear now and that we can find a solution!
Thanks for your help!

What are your settings in Preferences > Web Content? On the original site you provided that image opens a pop-up window. Have you blocked pop-ups? The HTML for the page containing the life-saver pop-up (the romanized names of the Hebrew letters) directs the link to a new window – I am not sure that is working correctly.

Pop-ups were not blocked as you can see here

I don’t know if the code is working properly or not. But when I’m connected to the Internet everything works perfectly. And when offline, I can open the pop-up window manually because DT has downloaded it! The only thing that is “broken” is the DT’s ability to find the correct file when offline and click in the life-saver icon.

If you download the site to an external folder on your computer and then browse that local copy in Safari, does it work? If so, then index the local folder.

Just trying to help.

That worked! The indexed copy of the site downloaded to a specific folder in the HD.