interoperability between Mac and ipad pro DTPO

Given the capability of the ipad pro 128GB, I will be using it more than my Mac Book Pro when away from my desk. This is a plus given great battery life, lighter weight, and internet capability [I am often at clients where using their wifi is not allowed and I want to minimize draining my phone via tethering]. For my purposes they have similar capabilities, except for some excel data uses, but a minus when it comes to using DTPO since the DTTG an DTPO are so far apart in functions and usability.

Will the DTTG 2.0 bring it more in line with the robust search and editing of DTPO?

While we can’t say too much, yes. Searching and editing are both getting very nice upgrades (in my opinion). :smiley:

Domo arigato Ya’ll. [southern Japanese idiom]

translation please! Think domo is thank you and Ya’ll is a particularly American concatenation of the two English words You all, but what is arigato?

I would prefer to have a gozaimasu at the end of that. (Just kidding :mrgreen: )

You’ll have to wait for the DTTG v2 release, then the goziamasu is yours! For free, no upgrade cost. :smiley:

DEVONthink To Go 2 will be a free upgrade to all current version 1 owners. :smiley:

I’ll take that gozaimasu now… and a sumimasen. hahaha 8) :mrgreen: