Invalid Encryption Key Error After Fresh Install

I am trying to get rid of an Invalid Encryption Key Error.

Got a new HDD on my main machine. I did a fresh install of MacOS and DevonThink.

I have deleted DevonThink ToGo on all mobile devices.
I have used the “Clean Location” option and “Remove Location” option in “Preferences - Sync” a few times.

Can’t seem to clear out the old syncs and get a new one started. Every time I try I get the Invalid Encryption Key error.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

What kind of sync are you referring to?


This should actually be sufficient, assuming that definitely no other device still synchronizes via iCloud.

I left it overnight to see if maybe there was a server base issue with iCloud. This morning I was still getting the errors. I cleaned the location again and tried over. No luck. I also double-checked both my iPad and iPhone to ensure they weren’t somehow still trying to sync. They aren’t. I have actually deleted the original DTTG install on both.

Do you still use other sync locations? Because DevonthinkSync.dtCloud is not the name of the iCloud sync store.

A screen capture of DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, with the sync location selected, could be helpful.

Nailed it.

Still had some old Dropbox Files causing the main issue. Thanks!

I am still having some iCloud issues, however I think I may have stumbled across the issue.

When removing a large set of databases, Devonthink appears to be deleting file by file by file, instead of dumping the whole folder. This means if you “Clean Location” and get the log message of “Location Successfully Cleaned,” and immediately try to re-sync, you’re going to have a conflict.

Is this accurate? See screenshot below. Waiting for this to clear out before trying to sync again (hopefully for the last time :slight_smile: .)



This appears to have been the issue. Now at 30 minutes withOUT a Encryption Key error. Not sure if that was the problem but it seems likely.

Now at 30 minutes with a Encryption Key error.

It’s unclear what this means.

Also there are two different processes going on in your screencap:

  1. Cleaning data in a Dropbox location on their servers.
  2. iCloud - not DEVONthink - is uploading data to Apple’s servers.

Apologies. Typo.

30 minutes WITHOUT an encryption error.

Ahh… not worries. :slight_smile:

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