inverting DT's tagging concept

Can I select a just handful of groups that will auto-tag any documents put into them?

It seems to me that I’ve got an all-or-nothing approach. I can allow all groups in the database to trigger tags, in which case I’ve got an unholy mess of tags. This would be OK if selecting a top-level group and checking “Exclude from tagging” also excluded all groups in the hierarchy below it, but it doesn’t, which means a laborious process of singly excluding groups from tagging. And I don’t want to have to exclude every new group I make, either.

So can I invert the “groups are tags” workflow by just choosing a few groups that will impart meaningful tags when docs are assigned to them?

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just turn on “Exclude Groups from Tagging” in your database’s properties, and then assign a “real” tag to the group? Tags assigned to groups are inherited by the group’s child groups and child documents – as long as the children are children. Move the document elsewhere, though, and the tag will be removed.

That’s what i was looking for … I was overthinking it :blush: