Invisible text in plain text files since 3.5 upgdate


I’ve just updated to DTTG 3.5 (on iPhone 6s, 15.4.1) and all my plain text notes are black on black (apparently, or just invisible, I don’t know). Formatted noted, PDFs and images are not affected. When tapping a plain text note, I just see a white flash followed by a black, empty document (although it seems text can be selected). Is this a known issue?


Do you use light or dark mode?

It’s because you are using dark mode in iOS and don’t have Use Dark Background enabled in the document options. Here it is with the option enabled.

This looks like a bug with plain text as the source of Markdown doesn’t show this problem.

I filed an issue on this @aedwards.

Dark Mode here. Switched to Light and suddenly saw a menu open (because I was tapping wildly in DTTG), saying “use a dark background“. All is OK now. The settings seems to relate to all documents so I don’t need to do this on a per-document basis, but I strongly suggest this be enabled automatically for Dark Mode users as this is very confusing. Thanks a lot!