iOS 13 Share sheet

The new version of iOS 13 has a new style sheet in Safari that has the ability to export as a PDF, Reader PDF (I’m not sure what the difference between the 2 is), and Web Archive. However, from what I can determine it doesn’t have the ability to export to DTTG, because when I choose it, the DTTG dialog box only allows Bookmark, Web Archive and Markdown. Ideally, I’d love the ability to get a single page PDF into DTTG from Safari and other iphone//iPad apps.

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I could be mistaken, but I don’t think that is possible with the current version of DEVONthink to Go. I save the page as PDF from Safari to an iCloud Drive folder in, and from there it’s easy to share the PDF to DEVONthink.

@Greg_Jones is correct here. That is not supported specifically in DEVONthink To Go at this time.

Other workaround - from Safari, in the Share Sheet, choose Print. When you see the print preview, zoom in (via the 2-finger expand gesture) to full screen - you can then use the Share Sheet to send the pads to Devonthink

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Problem with this is, that it has problems with links, they are not at the right position or even existing.