iOS 13 updated app

Well, you can add multiple items to a drag by tapping them. You can also move up the hierarchy by dragging to the back button in the navigation bar. And yes, organizing items is, in all apps, more efficient on the Mac than on iOS due to its more sophisticated UI.

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Have you tried the move menu its so helpful? The short cut is βŒƒβŒ˜M. (data>move to). And also the Go to equivalent G⌘M. (Go>To Group)

Dark Mode support is crucial β€” as in yesterday, as there are places where interface elements are effectively white-on-white (invisible) β€” like choosing a database when saving from the Inbox.

Sync is frustrating and opaque. Wanting 1 file but having to wait for dozens/hundreds of others first, with no clear sense of how long that might take and no way to prioritize the file I have onscreen, can be very frustrating.

The lack of responsiveness when tapping or tapping-and-holding on the cloud icon makes me wonder why it’s there.

Still loving DEVONthink β€” v. 3.0 on the Mac is great β€” but DEVONthink To Go needs to catch up. :slight_smile:

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