iOS 14 & DTTG compability

Will DTTG play nicely with iOS 14 or should we wait?


This thread at least suggests that we aren’t going to be looking at major problems. I think it’s fair to say that waiting is almost always the better option (occasionally new OS versions patch critical security holes first or very occasionally in Apple’s case exclusively; whether that is relevant to the average Blanc, Bill or Joe is something I can’t gauge). That said, I never wait :smiley:

I have found only one ‘gotcha’ and it is clearly a change in iOS 14 and not an issue within DEVONthink…

If you have Shortcuts for DEVONthink that use x-callback-url to get a response you can no longer run it from the Shortcuts widget.

The “Wait for Return” is only executed when the Shortcut is ran inside Shortcuts. When ran from the widget that statement is “invalid” and causes the Shortcut to hang waiting for the response that will never come because it is blocked by the widget infrastructure. The documentation actually says that “Wait for Return” is only valid when ran inside Shortcuts.

You can use “Continue in Shortcuts” before the x-callback-url statement but then you get obnoxious visual switching between shortcuts, the OS and DEVONthink. However, it will work.

The regular URL commands still work as normal and this still works if you run the shortcut directly from Shortcuts.

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Thanks for that report. Sounds like need to wait for new DTTG version. Loving scribble at the moment and was about reinstall DTTG. Need to wait…

Actually, I believe this something that DEVONthink Technologies won’t be able to fix. You’ll likely have to wait for a future iOS release. It is not only effecting DEVONthink To Go and the documentation states it won’t work (at least for now).

I changed my Shortcuts to just open the destination group after creating an item rather than trying to open the the new document directly (to avoid the visual ‘bouncing’).

Shortcut’s a smaller issue. 2 main improvements I’m waiting for are fix to pencil annotation problem which has a seperate thread and dark mode. No real incentive to install DTTG again till those are fixed in next release. Plus reading about sync issues further discourage installing DTTG if I don’t sync often enough due to lack of use because of issues mentioned above which might introduce out of sync problems some users facing now.

So look forward to next DTTG update.

A side question. I’m using a modified version of DEVONsave + Article to HTML (from MacStories), and on iOS 14 seems the Shortcut app does not open when running the shortcut but it stops in Shortcut App. Is there any way to make it end in caller app (Safari in this case)?