[iOS] Correct way to append to a sheet with x-callback?

I’m trying to append to a sheet with 2 columns but can’t manage to get it working


It inserts fine to the sheet, but both of my values are inside the first column. I read through the manual but still unsure how to correctly separate columns

We should have a fix in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

PS: Are you using an x-callback-url for a specific reason?

Thank you for letting me know.

I am using x-callback with Shortcuts on iOS to quickly add data points to a sheet, like logging things

But why are you specifically using x-callback-url?
I’m not saying it’s “wrong” but it’s a specific thing and not needed for commands except search and list, or unless you are needing to return a response back to Shortcuts.

Ah yes, I am chaining multiple things and need it to be a callback.
For example, after logging certain things I am going back to Shortcuts and then ticking in a habit tracker / todo list that I finished logging for that day

Good to know! Some people think x-callback-url is mandatory, when it’s not. In fact, they’re all URL schemes, and an callback is just a type of URL scheme.

I personally don’t suggest using them unless they’re required (as they are in your instance) since it just can cause unnecessary app switching.