iOS databases after deactivating cloud sharing: OK to "slide left" and Delete?

I THINK this is fairly easy - but I want to be sure, of course.

I’ve decided that synching entire databases to my iOS devices is not worth the hassle, except for keeping a universal INBOX available.


  • in my iPhone and iPad iCloud CloudKit, I slide the switches to “deactivate” them. They remain there, but the buttons to the left are “off.”
  • InBox is left “on.”
  • The “deactivated” databases remain in my IOS DATABASES LIST on the front page. If I SLIDE the database to the left, a garbage icon appears to the right.

QUESTION: Do I slide left and “trash” the databases on my IOS devices without risk to the iCloud versions that I assume I “detached” from them?

This is great software, but there are a lot of logic-defying gray areas like this to contend with, unfortunately.

Deleting a database in DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go has no effect on the data on other devices or sync data in a sync location.

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Thanks - - needed to hear confirmation because I’ve been all thumbs on DEVONthink.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: