iOS Files not showing all items contained in DTTG folders


I’m seeing the following behavior when I try to access database items through the iOS Files app, and it is the case across multiple different folders:

Only some of the contained subfolders and database items are shown. There seems to be no correlation with downloaded versus only shallow-synced items. I also ensured that the database is properly synced, and there were no log entries.

Any steps you can recommend to troubleshoot?

What I’ve found out so far:

If a new subgroup is added in DTTG to the group, of which not all subgroups are being shown in iOS Files, then afterwards all subgroups do show up correctly in iOS Files. This has worked consistently for three cases.

It’s almost as if the new group triggers iOS Files to “update” its list of displayed folders.

edit: Actually, if I add the new subfolder from within iOS files, this also triggers a refresh

Interesting… thanks for the report!

It’s the first mention of this I’ve seen but I’ll see if I can reproduce it here.

  • Does this occur with a large database?
  • Is this occurring with a group containing many subgroups?

Yes, it’s a very large database that is being shallow-synced to DTTG.

The issue also arises with groups containing e.g. only a single subgroup. There seems to be no correlation between the number of subgroups and the likelihood of them not being displayed in iOS Files.