iOS keeps disappearing on iPad DTTG

Subject says it all :slight_smile: My keyboard keeps disappearing! I can make it reappear by rotating the iPad, but when the rotation is locked I have to close out of the program and open it back up to get the keyboard to reappear. If I kept the rotation locked, I could open notes, close notes, navigate to a different database, etc. and the keyboard would never reappear.

Disappearing while doing what?
What orientation are you on when it disappears, or does it happen in both?

Are you on the iOS 12 beta?

It disappears while I am typing, like if I click in a different spot to type somewhere else or try to select text. I think it’s happening in both portrait and landscape orientation, but I’ve mainly used it in portrait so far. I haven’t tried updating to iOS 12 yet. I’m still on 11.something!

Can you record a screencast and attach it when you start a support ticket?

I actually just figured out when it’s happening… when I adjust how I’m sitting or move the iPad, and it thinks I’ve done the “shake to undo” thing. It comes up and asks if I want to undo typing. When I click cancel, the keyboard always permanently disappears until I break out of it by rotating the screen orientation. I need to update my iOS to 11.4.1 on the iPad. Apparently I didn’t catch that last update. If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll open a support ticket! Thanks!!

Sounds good! :smiley: