iOS only assistance

Currently I have all my docs in Dropbox in folders. How do I get them into a database. Can I create a database in Dropbox and drag them in?

I’m a little unsure where to start!

No, this is not possible. You would need to use DEVONthink on the Mac to get Dropbox data into a database, then Sync that with the mobile device.

Thanks Jim,

Decided to import only a select amount of documents and individually import them to a number of databases. Whilst time consuming it was a good chance for a clean up.

Now i’m just trying to work out the best use of the global inbox. Any suggestions or articles work looking at?


The Global Inbox is generally best used as a temporary storage place for unfiled or transient data. For example, if you’re rabbit-trailing on the Web and capture something, you may have no specific place for it at that moment. The Global Inbox is a perfect place for it.

Thanks Jim,

Taking your advise and using some GTD methodology it works well.

I noted on the App Store screen shots that the files had Thumbnails however I don’t seem to have the same on mine. Is there a setting for this?

Thanks again

At the moment only images get “live icons”, other thumbnails were created on the Mac and synced with the documents to the iOS device.