ios share requires that dttg is open?

Sometimes when I use the share menu (for example, from Safari) on IOS, I’m not seeing the items sync across to my Mac. I have DEVONthink on the Mac and DEVONthink To Go on the IOS device (both iPhone and iPad).

Is is possible that DTTG needs to be open on the IOS device for the sync to occur? I like to keep apps shut down on the iPad and frequently force close any apps I’m not using.


The system launches the app in the background every then and now (unfortunately we can’t control the frequency or schedule at all) but launching the app on your own will definitely perform overdue automatic syncs.

Yes, DEVONthink To Go (at the moment) only imports documents from Clip to DEVONthink when you open it. This will change in a future version (the ground work is already laid for this).

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll try leaving DDTG open on my IOS devices and see if that addresses my issue. I’ll also test whether closing the app forces a sync.

I have the same problem, sometimes DTTG imports a document in the background sometimes not.
Definitely not acceptable if you want to make sure that you are storing the documents as you import them, which is the whole point of syncing to a safe database for me.
Hope it can get fixed soon.

But as soon as you switch to DEVONthink To Go it should import all previously clipped items. Or does it miss to import them sometimes?