iOS Shortcut to move mail message(s) into DEVONthink to Go inbox?

I’m loving the DTTG on the iPad. It’s almost made it possible for me to leave the laptop behind when I’m traveling. I know that I can drag and drop emails from the mail app to DTTG on the iPad, but I’m wondering if there’s away to do that with a shortcut automation?

I’m not very experienced with shortcuts, but I’ve looked around at creating one and I can’t see that there’s the ability to add an email to an inbox in the list of available shortcuts. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t provided functionality to share from their Mail application.

Drag and drop works. Just found this out and it works quite well.

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See my reply on your other post and indeed I use this method, even on the iPhone, all the time.
Apple is synonymous with drag and drop :slight_smile:

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