iOS: Using DEVONthink without DTTG

Does anyone have a handy experience using DEVONthink Pro Office without DEVONthink To Go?

I have a home and office computer with DEVONthink Pro Office. They are synchronized by Dropbox.

But DEVONthink To Go is not available in Russian AppStore !!! This is big problem.

I have tried different data migration scenarios from DEVONthink Pro Office to the iPhone. Using Index files or Export. But it is very inconvenient, and requires a lot of manual work.

Maybe someone decided a similar problem and found a convenient workflow automatic data synchronization between computer and iphone?

One possibility might be to store your files in the Dropbox folder, index them afterwards and use the on iOS.

I have for years used GoodReader on iOS as an alternative to DTTG1 – using GoodReader to sync Dropbox and WebDAV folders. These folders also appear in my DEVONthink databases. GoodReader has more features for annotation, etc., than the Dropbox app, although recently the Dropbox app is improving its feature set. Another option is the Documents app, which is very good and can act as a document server for other apps on iOS.

You’re right, it’s somewhat of an annoyance to do things this way, but once you get the hang of what to pay attention to, the workflow goes pretty smoothly.

Korm, thanks for the link to GoodReader application. I will look it carefully.

2cgrunenberg. Unfortunately, Dropbox is not appropriate. As for me it is important not to store sensitive data in the cloud (because I have confidential work files in DTP). I tried using Tresorit, it is a good decision, but far too expensive ($30 per month). There are cheaper SpiderOak, but it is not able to synchronize entire folders to view files offline (it’s very important for me).

Now I use Readdle Documents on my iPhone. It can even index the contents of files to search, it is very convenient. I use sftp sync between computer and iphone (without cloud), but it is work normal only with one computer and more-more difficult for two (home and office).

I have written to DEVONthink support about DTG in Russian AppStore. I was told that this was impossible because of the difficulties with taxes. I think that a possible solution would be the purchase of a subscription on the site and free DEVONthink To Go application in the AppStore. I actively used beta DTG2, and was very happy. But now beta in production and I need to return to the complex schemes with synchronization Home/Office/iPhone DTP databases…