iOS vs macOS DT server; can DTTG server handle macOS DT3 indexed files?

Does it matter whether DTTG is the server or DT3 is if DT3 will be indexing folders on the macOS drive?

Overall, is it better to have the macOS or the iOS as the server?

Is there any way, with bonjour sync, to initiate a sync from DTTG if the mac is asleep and/or DT3 is closed?

As iOS devices sleep much more often, it’s usually recommended to use a Mac. In addition, it’s not recommended to use more than one server.

My mac is more likely to be asleep and out of reach when I am at my iPad than my iPad is to be out of reach when I am at my mac. Hence, I’m wondering,

If I turn off the macOS server and turn on the iPad server, will the indexed files on my mac still be handled about the same as they are now?

This shouldn’t make a difference.

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With Bonjour sync, DT3 & DTTG, can I initiate sync from either device or only from the client?

P.S. It’s looking like only the client device can initiate sync. (Which means, as my mobile device is more likely to be near me, it makes a better client than a server.)

Sync is bidirectional by design. Changes made on one propagate to the other, no matter which is the server or client.

Periodically I like to initiate a sync manually to make sure everything is up-to-date. I find I cannot initiate it from the server device, that is, the one allowing Bonjour incoming connections.

I don’t know if you mean by bidirectional that it should work either way manually, but for me it does not. The sync icon/command on one of the devices is greyed out.

P.S. Autosync, if everything is set properly (DTTG in the foreground, both devices on the same wifi network, only one device allowing incoming connections), does work bidirectionally.

(Because of this, and @cgrunenberg 's advice, I’ve decided to leave my mac awake as much as possible and set it as the Bonjour “server”.)

If you make changes on the mobile deivce and want to initiate a manual sync, then yes, you’d do it in DEVONthink To Go.

And following Criss’ suggestion here is a good idea :slight_smile: