iPad Annotation & DB Synchronization

DTPO is amazing for what I do, which is mostly read and annotate PDFs, and organize research notes for that. I’m not proficient in its use yet, and I’ve accidentally created a lot of duplicates or replicants that I now need to merge - could use some advice on that, but that’s aside from the main thing, which is syncing to iPad.

I’ve been living under some kind of pre-2010 rock and have never before owned or really used a tablet. Now I’m sold on their use for PDF annotation after receiving the Good News. But…

How much do I actually need to keep synced? Right now, duplicates aside, my DB is something like 30+GB. It will be more soon (am expecting a big chunk dropped in from colleague), and will develop over time to probably more than 100GB.

So… do I need to sync all of that to the iPad? Howabout only the most recently modified 5-10GB or some other arbitrary setting? Can I add things to the DB from the iPad?

Could use any and all clarity on this very soon, as am about to pull the trigger on an iPad that will be brought to my country of residence by a friend soon leaving the USA, and thus the window for purchase!

In short, how much room on the iPad is actually necessary for DTPO sync?

The answer to that is “it depends”. As much room as the amount of data you want to sync.

Though, 100GB is a pretty crushing load for DEVONthink databases, a very very long sync process to your iPad, and – since the maximum available iPad capacity is 128 GB – not likely to work. Do you really need all these data at hand all the time?

Each is obviously different - but I really only use DTTG as a means to get pdf’s onto my iPad - for the sole purposes of annotating. Once the annotation is done, I sync back, and then repeat.

In my context - I cannot think of a scenario where I would want all my files on my iPad - simply since I prefer to do the ‘heavy-lifting’ in DTPO.

I also rely heavily on the linked, RTF annotations, that are increasingly becoming an ever-present associate to most of my PDFs - again, this is something I would do only in DTPO.

Having said all of that - it remains something I consider when I have a moment to reflect on my workflows etc. I might still do it, with some of my less ‘crucial’ databases, just to get a feel of the convenience. Regardless though - the thought of syncing a 30GB db, nevermind a 100GB db, that would have me all sorts of nervous. IF something were to go wrong in that sync - it could get ugly! :wink:

Please drop down some feedback, whichever way you go. I’ve been wondering how other people utilise their tablets through DTTG - would be great so hear what your experiences are!

Here’s a thought for anyone who thinks they need all their data, all the time.

When you leave the house…
You may bring an umbrella, if you think it may rain.
You may wear a jacket since the day may get cool.
But you don’t wear all a bathing suit under some long underwear under a tshirt under a sweater under a sweatshirt under a jacket under a parka under a poncho… etc.
You don’t wear all your clothes when you leave the house.

Take what you NEED.
Then take things you may REASONABLY think you may need. (Do you really think you’ll need your encrypted tax return files from 1983?!? 8) )
Then, if you want… take a few things that may be “fun” to have.

(from the BLUEFROG Manifesto on Mobile Tech, p.38, section VII)