iPad not working

I downloaded the iPhone / iPad version and my iPhone 8 Plus works fine but can’t get it to load on my iPad. I have an older iPad Pro 9.7 from 2016 o think but it hasn’t had issues before and is running the latest iOS 13.

Please advise!

It is unclear what you mean here.

  • Are you saying it’s crashing?
  • Does the behavior persist after rebooting the iOS device?

I downloaded the iPad version today and it won’t load it just crashes immediately after tapping the app. I did a hard reset on the iPad and it still crashed before loading.

I think once it said something like needed to be online first time for app to work but I’m on WiFi and cellular on the device.

No issues with iPhone version. I’m assuming if I select iCloud on iPhone it will make both iPhone and iPad in synch?

Please go to https://helpdesk.devontechnologies.com and start a support ticket. Thanks!

Ok, I redownloaded it to the iPad and the iPad works now.

I was able to to synch using iCloud Mac, iPad, and iPhone but only the global inbox.

I made several databases without data in them yet on the MacBook and it appears all are checked on the preferences on the MacBook but only the global inbox synch s across the MacBook, iPad and iPhone. The new database with only groups under them for now don’t synch!

Please advice as it comes up with encryption key not right…I did not encryption.