iPad power usage and DTTG

My partner uses an iPad to take student notes whilst she is giving lectures. She’s being using this method for around two years, syncing to DTPO when she returns home.

There have been few problems (apart from the usual RTF losing formatting regularly), but this week she’s noticed something and wonders whether it has something to do with DTTG.

She charges her iPad to 100% overnight, then makes notes during the day. On returning home the iPad didn’t have an issue with low power. She keeps DTTG available during lectures, but sleeps the iPad and it is the only application running.

Probably since the recent OS update… she’s noticed a problem with power consumption. Half way through the day the iPad drops suddenly to 13%. It seems to coincide with the use of DTTG but could be coincidental. It doesn’t happen on days where she doesn’t use DTTG.

Anyone notice anything similar?

It’s an iPad Air 2, 128Gb, 2015.

I assume “the recent iOS upgrade” means iOS 11?

I haven’t noticed any DEVONthink to Go - specific issues with iOS 11, power or otherwise, but iOS 11 itself does it’s best to appear like no one ever tested it. It’s a bug nest.

Everyone has their own anecdotal approach to making life with iOS 11 better – mine is to make sure you use Settings to locate all the non-compatible software on your device and delete it. For some reason, getting rid of the software that iOS 11 dislikes makes it work better.

Thanks Korm,

I think it might have something to do with Goodreader, although I’m not absolutely certain.

Goodreader was open alongside DTTG to show pdfs to students; when DTTG was used continuously through the day without Goodreader then the battery usage reverted to normal behaviour, easily lasting all day.

NB: To debug battery usage issues, check out Settings → Battery → Battery Usage. That will list apps and their respective battery drain. I use it frequently!

Good point. Interesting that when recalculating the stats shown there to put the drain on a per-minute basis, “Home & Lock Screen” seems to be the biggest battery hog, and DEVONthink to Go is among the least demanding battery sinks. Since H&LS is not active very often, I assume that the category includes, perhaps, all the system sensors and Spotlight.