iPad, screen real estate

Does anyone object if I have a minor rant about screen use on an iPad? You can include the iPhone too, if you like. It’s not quite so bad but the issues still apply. (I’d put a nice text smiley here but it gets converted to a stupid icon and makes me feel like a five year old).

I’m looking at a page on my Mac alongside the same, synced page on my iPad. Text on the mac ranges left and right, no boarders, fits very nicely thank you. On the iPad there’s a 16mm border all the way round and my nice, neat text wraps round - I put my own linefeeds in - and becomes totally illegible. I understand that text has to wrap - it doesn’t really, there ought to be an option to not wrap but pan instead, I can zoom and do this, after all - but on the small screen of a mobile device you really can’t afford to lose an inch and a half to both the sides and top/bottom.

There should also be a swipe to stow the left hand menu. This would help immensely. Thank you.