IPad storage limit when syncing DevonThink

I run into storage limitations syncing DT3 with DT to go on my iPad. Can I set up my DT destination on my iPad to be a flash drive?

The trick with synching to an iOS device with limited storage and big DEVONthink databases is to limit what you send there to fit what space is available. The sync location for the Database should be set for “Download Files: On Demand” and then keep all the Groups set for “On Demand” or be selective. It’s called “Shallow Sync”. See page 39 of the current version of the manual for “DEVONThink ToGO”.

I only do a “Always” sync for an entire database for my so-called “Works in Progress” database, which easily fits in the space available. If I want everything, I take the MacBook.

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And to add to that excellent advice re shallow sync, no, you cannot keep your DTTG database(s) on a flash drive. There was a similar question recently, and the response from DEVONtech was something along the lines of file systems and lack of reliability if I remember correctly. I’ll add the link here if I stumbled across it later on.

old rule of thumb, figure out how much storage space you think you need then double it when purchasing. If you can afford it, of course. I have 512 GB on my ipad pro. On my older ipads I did what rmschne suggested and that worked fine.

Thanks to both of you. The shallow sync approach with a “works in progress” database is the perfect solution for me. And I am not surprised that DTTG databases cannot reside on a flash drive.

I appreciate your clear and prompt responses.

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I had a little trouble at first because I wasn’t sure how to clear out the many files I had previously synced and which were too much for my iPad storage capacity (256 GB – I wish I had followed your approach and gotten 512 GB!), but once I did and now sync only my new “current work” database, I’m set up the way i want and need to be. In the process I switched from iCloud to Bonjour syncing which seems to be faster and more reliable. Since I won’t need to sync when I am away from my local network this is the best solution for me as well.


Right, @Harold. Due to recent iCloud sync problems, I went with Bonjour and found the sync times to be drastically faster with no issues. As I thought about it, I realized 99% of content creation was done at home on my Mac. I could then sync via Bonjour to my other devices. Since my iPad and iphone have sufficient ram, I can get all my DT content on them. So I don’t use shallow sync, hence won’t have a need to sync away from home.