iPhone App

Is the iPhone app only for DT Pro Office? Will there be a version for DT Pro?

It’s not an native iPhone application but a web page that looks like one in Mobile Safari. Therefore it needs the Web Server functionality of the Office version.

This is pretty cool - but I can’t read any pdfs, for they are too small. Is there an enlarge button? I tried the two-finger zoom motion, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Oh, and I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m not sanguine: my office computer is behind the firewall of my college. There is an ssh2 hole through the campus firewall to my computer, but not any other way to reach it. Will I be able to see my database from off-campus?


The sizing is because of limitations of Mobile Safari.

As to the network issues, I would suggest searching the online help or this forum because I think they have been answered before.

I have DTPO and am having trouble with iphone web app. On the iphone, the java script must not be working. I have it enabled in safari preferences on phone. I can get to the web link…and it works…but it doesn’t look like the screenshot in the online help page.

Click the PDF once and it opens in a separate tab where you can zoom it.

If you can hook your iPhone to your college’s network, e.g. via VPN, then you’re good to go.

Make sure to only type in your DTPO’s IP address but not add /phone/ or such. The web server will do this all for you. If it still does not work, email us to support(at)devon-technologies.com (but I am on vacation for two weeks, so please allow me to reply when I am back).

I am running 2.0beta5 (unlicensed/evaluation) - DevonThink Office Pro.
Lovely product. I will definitely consider purchasing.

The iPhone web app looks very nice too.
One problem - I can see all the docs but when I try to add a note via the iPhone app I get a dialog saying :
Problem saving note: 404

I’m running OSX 10.5.6.
Any ideas what might be causing this.
I haven’t changed any default firewall config on the iMac.
I’m running the iPhone at my house so I’m guessing port forwarding doesn’t need to be setup or does it ??


A quick update.
I set the develop debug options on in the iPhone Safari Prefs.
The “save” note action provoked the following javascript error in the
console :

“Refused to set unafe header Content-Length”


I have solved the ‘404’ error issue. I had put in a domain name when configuring web server settings in DTPro. Once I took this out the note saving worked.

One thing - the note saving is saving the note always to the the “default location” which seems to be the global inbox (which isn’t, it seems visible within the iPhone app). Is there any way to configure the default location for save notes to be one of the groups or database inboxes ?


I’m not sure I completely understand the iPhone “app” after going through the tutorial. Mind you, I’m not the most tech savvy person, but I want to be able to access one of my DT dbases from my phone whenever I want. Not have to start some server or process. I’ll usually only need access at times when I couldn’t have predicted I’d need access. The directions seem complicated. Help?


These instructions are about the iPhone web application which is basically an optimized web site provided by the built-in web server.

To carry your databases with you, we will have a solution. Please stay tuned.

Waiting (eagerly)…


Having purchased an iPod touch last week I am looking for DevonTouch as well!

In the meanwhile: any suggestions/tipps for a work around if I want to bring my DTP Database on the iPod (without using a live server connect)?

I would think of exporting to files and folders or html and transferring those to the iPod/iPhone. Any recommendations for Apps that work well for this set-up?


To President of Devontechnologies, any idea when an iPhone APP will come out? a hint? 1 week? a month? two months?

I desperately need to decide whether our organization should pay for Evernote Premium Account or wait for an iPhone app for Devonthink to come out! Please help!

If you have followed my blog you will have noticed that we have already set up a team of beta testers for iPhone/iPod touch software. Please understand that I cannot tell more at this point in time.

I have not seen any further word about the iPhone app since this post.

Did the beta go well? Any ideas about when we might see it?

If there is another round of wider betas, I would be happy to further test it.

While I am here, where should I be checking about progress on this? Is the blog the main space that any progress on the iPhone app or syncing between machines (the other main thing I need from DTPro eventually) will be posted?

Thanks for any info! Looking forward to having access to some of my databases on the go eventually. My Evernote workaround is fine for new notes, but would love access to my databases in DT eventually.

I cannot find the President’s blog post on the native iPhone app. Is the post withdrawn? And are hopes for the app blown to dust with it?

UPDATE: I found the blog post. It speaks of “problems with the web developer”. I hope that these are circumvented and the app is near completion. Secrecy is understandably necessary in this market but, as many of us use the product in corporate environments where planning is paramount and uncertainties despised, I would expect Devon Technologies to open up a touch and give us an estimated time of arrival.

An iPhone software is under development and has been already seeded to a selected number of beta testers.

Looking forward to seeing this.