iPhone App

Considering that Devon Technologies has a penchant for long Beta programmes, I hope that iPhone app beta testing does not last nearly as long as that of DT 2!

I think the beta of DT2 has taken so long precisely because they branched their developer resources to creating the iPhone app.

Hope developers tune their glasses respecting UI. The Mac version is hardly acceptable in UI terms, but an iPhone app forgives less graphical glitches and indifference.

I heartily agree—the UI is the Achilles heel of DT/DN.

What would you change, to make it more functional for you? (I mean ‘functional’ in a broad sense, not only accomplishing a task but doing so as easily and pleasantly as possible.)

I suggest DT/DN UI issues be discussed where it’s the primary topic (as in other threads, e.g. My UI suggestions) since this one’s titled “iPhone App”.