iphone, ipad, mac triangulation question

I have DTTG on my ipad and iphone, but for different purposes. On my ipad I’m reviewing documents. But, I’m trying to use DTTG on my iphone (old 3G model) JUST to grab info and take photo notes when I see something of interst and other notes when they come to mind. That means for my iphone only I’d like to sync the docs one-way (just to DTPO on my mac); OR, alternatively, I’d like to set up different sync folders from my iphone and ipad. Is it possible to do this?



The sync process is intended to sync in both directions, so it is not possible to set up sync in only one direction. Also, while it is not possible to set up two different sync folders within the same database, one option would be to create a new database that you only sync with the iPhone. You would have to do a bit more manual organization between databases, however.

Another option would be to sync the Global Inbox with your iPhone and use that to collect things, then organize them into another database and sync that with the iPad.