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Hi, I just played with devonthink recently and have a question about taking notes on the iphone. is there any app to jot down some notes and sync them with devonthink (standard or pro)? i like devonthink much but do not see any way to accomplish this easy task. by now i use “simplenote” on the iphone which syncs directly with “notational velocity”. I would like to see something similar on the side of devonthink on iphone with my mac (btw. i do not want to open my mac as a server!). at least i would like to see somethink like “things” does with their mac and iphone software. Any chance to get this done? If this is not possible is there a way to get my notes out of simplenote into devonthink?

Here is my work around…

I keep my Notational Velocity notes on a folder (see Notational Velocity Preferences > Notes) located on ~/Library/Application Support/Notational Data/. (You can use a different location, since that’s the default one.) I prefer format .rtf, but you can also use .txt or .html.

What I do is index that folder in DTP (DTP > File > Index).

Basically NV works as a in-between Simplenotes and DTP. If you make some change in one of those indexed notes you still have to open NV to sync to Simplenotes, and vice-versa.

Hope that helps.

– MJ

Extra: Creating a new note inside DTP doesn’t place it on the NV folder (it places it on DTP database). However, if you copy (cmd+D) one of the previous notes and edit it (including its name), that will in fact create a “new note” on NV to be synced to Simplenotes.

– MJ

well this is a first hint to what i want. Thanks a lot. I see that it is possible to configure NV that way that a deleted rtf (or txt) entries in the NV-folder doesn’t show up in NV anymore. That’s fine. Now i only need to build a script (or automator action) that imports files from that folder into devonthink and deletes them in the NV-folder. (you see, i want to get my iphone empty :slight_smile:)

Why all the machinations? Just wait until DEVONPad comes out, as announced by DTech for iPhone, Touch and iPad.

Because DEVONpad is not out yet. And I haven’t tested it.

@korm. Valente is right. To wait for a software to come is not the soultion to oganize my recent work :slight_smile: But it’s good to hear that a solution from Devon is on the way.

(You are welcome.)

That will be complicated. However, I think that might be a way around it: in DTP duplicate the file into another group and then delete de original (this one will be the one in NV folder, the duplicate will not).