iPhone SDK - Late February - What does it mean for DT ? !!!

With the official iPhone SDK coming out latter this month I am sure many many DEVONthink users are wondering will you be able to/ will you write a mobile version of Devonthink ? - I would love and use the desktop client even more if we could sync up are databases up to our iPhones/iPod touches and add some notes to our database that would sync back up to it

  • you could even implement the camera to take pictures in a specific category and utilize the mic to record audio from meetings and therefore have it already in that appropriate category instead of what I do currently by recording then taking the time to put it in the database.

So I am very excited to see what will come of this - this would make my iPhone and my databases that much more valuable and I would pay for this app quite a bit - if you could do it because I would absolutely love this as many others - and it would make your Desktop Software that much more valuable and sought after!