iphone sees computer in sync setup but no response

In the iPhone’s sync setup, the computer is listed, but when I click on the name it doesn’t go anywhere. The name kind of fades for a second, comes back, and nothing else happens.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled DTTG, and I’ve rebooted the computer. I’ve also pressed reset sync settings. And I’ve created a wifi network with the computer. Nothing seems to help.

What next?

Have you added any documents to the sync group in the database(s) that you want to sync to DEVONthink To Go?


Just speculating here, but it sounds like your Mac and iPhone are not making the pairing connection where you should be asked to enter the security number. Looking at any Console entries for DEVONthink on your Mac after trying to pair the devices might also indicate where the problem is. I’d suggest opening up a support request on this issue.

I’ve the exactly the same problem with my iPad and Mac (both devices are uploaded). When I click on the Macbook Air icon on my iPad it simply doesn’t happen anything.
I’m sure it’s a bug of Devonthink to go.


Did somebody resolve this problem?? I just bought the app (14$) but it is rejecting to pair. It did work for about 15 minutes though. Now it tells me that there is a problem with the bonjour service.