Flame bait?

I agree the pace of official releases has been slow, but the overall development pace is anything but.

And what evidence are you basing that certainty on? How other companies are reacting to the iPad?

While I cannot comment on how we are seen from the outside I would like to mention that it is, by all means, no secret that we’re actively developing iPhone software. Our alpha/beta testers have already received the 5th alpha which has reached a stable state. It is also no secret that we had problems with an external developer who was hired to create iPhone software for us but failed to do so. And it’s no secret that we are also actively developing a synchronization module that will make sync’ing databases between mutiple Macs possible.

The pace of development equals to the complexity of the software and the resources available for its dvelopment. And I think I can say that DEVONthink is factor more complex than other software that may be perceived as being similar.

One addition: We have not been silent. We just haven’t posted any press release or blog article about it. Please see my comments over at Cult of Mac.

As opposed to the small-minded, absurdly boorish nattering by a user? :confused:

Clouds are notoriously porous and unstable as many fallen “angels,” both media-soaked evangelists and venture capitalists, can attest. I, like others, choose to stay grounded at the moment. :slight_smile:

Evernote cast in the role of the Chicxulub impact. Now there’s a high concept pitch. Eric and Christian, which actors should portray you in this Web 2.0 disaster flick? :smiling_imp:

I had to drop Devonthink as my main information management program despite its superiority due to its lack of iPhone program and synchronization. I need to have access to certain data on the move.

Hopefully, with the release of your own iPhone application, I might be able to migrate back to Devonthink.