Is any DevonThink menu item disabled or enabled when the inspector pane is open?

I am writing a keyboard maestro macro which manages reminders, annotations, highlights, etc in the inspector pane.
My problem is that at the beginning of the macro, I need to determine if the inspector pane is open or closed.
I need to find a clue in the menu, more specifically a menu item (any item in the menu, does not matter) which changes from disabled to enabled (or the contrary) when the inspector pane opens or closes and which would tell me that the inspector pane is opened or closed.
thank you

If any inspector is open then its menu item is marked …


so you just need to check if any is marked.

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Not as far as I know; the only change that I’m aware of is that a :heavy_check_mark: appears in the inspector menu (tools/inspector). Are you aware that the inspector will open if you use control + 1 (2, 3, 4, S etc)? i.e. keyboard maestro could be sure the inspector is open simply by sending a control + 1 (2, 3, 4 etc.) command.

(looking at @pete31 post above, the commands may differ internationally; what I mean is to use one of the shortcuts in the inspector menu)

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We’re both wrong :smiley:

The mark stays even if the inspector is not visible.

Simply checking whether the first menu item is “hide” or “show” should do it, I think.

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Customized :wink:

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I can’t confirm that - the mark disappears when I hide the inspector; but yes, hide or show would do it :wink:

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:nerd_face: how on earth am I to keep up with you guys? :smiley:

@rufus123 is our feedback of any use to you?

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This is all you need



thank very very much @pete31 @Blanc

I was concerned that nobody would understand my question which is obviously not the case !

I could not find any enabled/disabled or marked/unmarked item that I could use.

Thank you very much for pointing out the show/hide toggle which solved the problem.

I was just working on the macro when Pete posted the solution !

I also added other actions to the macro, for example put the cursor in the annotations box directly or trigger the reminder drop down list

thanks again very much to both of you

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this seems to take all situations into consideration including inspector open but in another panel