Is Catalina ok?

So, I now have Catalina on my secondary device. First use of DT3 shows no serious problems (I have noted “flashing” of the screen when closing multiple databases with DT in fullscreen), I will report back if that changes with more intensive use. Catalina (fresh install) still seems pretty buggy to me - apps have failed to appear in launchpad, apps in the “other” folder in launchpad have spontaneously escaped the folder and distributed themselves across my 3 launchpad pages, the info-window regarding privacy has appeared multiple times when opening calendar, sparsebundles opened by DT and later closed by DT are still not ejected properly (see this thread: Volume unmounts, sparse bundle image does not eject (DT 3 beta1)), thunderbolt links between devices are slower than previously due to recurring pauses and only worked following multiple restarts, disconnecting servers doesn’t seem to necessarily disconnect, leaving the connect button dead, icons in the dock (eg the download folder) get spontaneously replaced by ?, and all in all the OS appears less responsive than Mojave (eg first time clicking on “Desktop & Screensaver” in System Preferences does nothing for a good second, almost 2). I might hold off installing on my primary device for a while…

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Installation took less than 2hrs on both machines and everything works just fine.

I’ve been on Catlina since Beta one and DT 3 also since the first beta. Very minimal issue. The only one initially was with the sorter but that’s been fixed as of now.

Thanks everybody for your responses :slight_smile:

I confirm that after a clean install, all my problems with DT have disappeard.

My Catalina install went without incident, but DT can no longer find my Epson to scan document, although scanning still works from Preferences. Not huge, just inconvenient.

Just letting you know: I have set DevonThink3 and Safari to open at start and when DevonThink3 Opens the little screen is transparent for a second or two. This didn’t happen with Mojave.

Is it DT3? I heard DT2 scan is 32bit.

It’s DT3

We are investigating an issue when using some scanners in DEVONthink in Catalina. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’ve been running it for a few days now. Faster and DT3 works w/o any problems. Only: faster :slight_smile:

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Does this also happen after launching DEVONthink 3 manually? A screenshot of your startup items might be useful. Thanks.

Yes, it happens if i close and open DevonThink, you can see a transparent little window.

A screencast we could pause would be handy.


I’m not able to get any successful syncs between DT3 and DTTG on my devices. Socket Errors and just spinning progress…

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On Bonjour syncs?

I don’t believe I have had Bonjour syncs enabled. I’ll have to check when I get home.

Just checked. Yes, Bonjour is enabled with “Incoming Connections Available.”

I get the blue dot in the cloud icon below and it is now working. I did update the Catalina Supplemental Update. Maybe that was it?