Is CloudKit the solution for DevonThink Sync?

I just read this article on It explains the importance of CloudKit as Apple expands the features and usefulness of iCloud. Reading this, it struck me as something that might be a perfect fit for the solution to sync for DevonThink. I know that the sync thing has been under development for awhile with a new version of the mobile app, but CloudKit seems to be delivering what might be a very cost effective and robust solution, especially for smaller sized OSX and iOS developers.

Here is the article link:

Any thoughts about this from Devon Technologies or others familiar with the upcoming CloudKit.

Thanks - Keene

It’s a possible option for syncing, but I implore Devon to not abandon its webDAV support for DTTG. Apple stores data on iCloud in encrypted format – but holds the decryption keys. I don’t think Apple is going to spy on my data, but they will obey orders of the U.S. government. I believe this is of concern to Germans as well; just ask Angela Merkel. I have my own webDAV server with encryption and like the security it provides.

i believe you are thinking of database sync between desktops or with a remote store. DEVONthink to Go does not support WebDAV.

Yes, I’m talking about the long-awaited DTTG 2.

DEVONthink encrypts its database and syncs through Dropbox securely. I’m fine with it doing the same thing through iCloud, if it is possible, though I suspect iOS is a more tricky beast for the decryption. I’m not sure what VoodooPad is up to on the back end, but they have managed 128-bit encryption through Dropbox (accessible on both the iPad and Mac), so it is at least possible and already exists in the wild.