Is condition "Before Synchronization" ever triggered when using Bonjour sync?

Suppose DEVONthink is running on a Mac, and has no sync locations but does act as a Bonjour sync source. In the DEVONthink preferences panel (as of version 3.9.4), Bonjour is separate from the other things in the “Locations” list:

The user manual (p. 245 of the PDF version for v. 3.9.4) gives the following explanation for the smart rule trigger events “Before Synchronization” and “After Synchronization”:


But if DEVONthink running on my mac has no sync locations per se, will these trigger events ever be triggered?

Of course, they will. Sync is bidirectional by design and this is easily tested with a smart rule like this…

Then drop a document into the database, wait a bit, et voilà!

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