Is display of Groups inconsistent between different views?

There is a lot to love about DEVONthink Pro, but one thing that continues to vex me is how it displays Groups. I wonder if the rest of you might have insight into the following behavior, and whether it can be changed?

In the 3-panes view (⌘-5 in DEVONthink Pro), if you have a Group inside another Group and you click on a Group in the left-hand list, the contents pane shows only documents—it does not show any Groups inside of it. For example: suppose I create a group and subgroup like this,
group-example.pngthen if I click on the group “test”, the list in DEVONthink’s 3-pane view will show only documents (such as the example “this is a note”) but not the groups inside of it (such as “subgroup” in the current example):
group-list-example.pngHowever, if I switch to a different view, such as the “List” view (⌘-2),
list-example.pngthen both Groups and notes are shown in the list. Similarly, if I switch to another view such as the “Split” (⌘-4) view, the contents pane shows both documents and Groups.

I’m unable to come up with a logical explanation for why the contents panel of the 3-pane view does not show Groups when the others do. Can someone explain to me the logic behind that behavior? And more importantly, is there a way to make the 3-pane view show Groups too? Sadly for me, the 3-pane view is the most important for me, and I don’t find the others suitable for my way of using DT. I find this view behavior confusing and a bit frustrating at times.

What we call Three Pane view is not something we invented. It is a layout found in some other software as well. (I was familiar with it initially from a high-end database system that starts at about $175,000 for the install + $6000 per User.)

Each view does what it does, so no, you can’t make it behave differently.